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Which weather you hate more? Blizzards or Heat Waves?

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I HAATTTEEEE Winter but I do like Blizzards, I wished the snow melted the day after and it was nice warm weather. If I controlled the climate it'd only snow during Christmas time (Dec 23rd - Dec 26th), it'd be a nonstop Blizzard. Other Winter holidays too (except New Years). It'd be in the 60's & 70's in between the storms, that's as cool as I'd go for Winter.


I LOVE Summer & I LOVE Heat Waves. 90's & 100's are my thing.


But Heat Waves win even though I like both.


I swear I belong somewhere like Florida. Spend Fall & Winter in SoCal & Spring & Summer in FL. :cool:

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Heat Waves hands down. I don't feel like goin anywhere. A simple walk to the store feels like I'm walking miles in the tropical jungle. There's a serious lack of shade in most places in the city. A 5 minute wait on the subway platform feels like an eternity. And finally....FINALLY...when the train comes in I'll step on only to find the A/C broken often enough. Yeah heat waves blow... :)

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