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PHOTOS: Swatch the 6 train! (New ad wrapped train)

Pablo M 201

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Wow! The NTT of many colours! :o

anyways :tup::tup::tup: shots! hopefully they will keep the ads up by this weekend b/c I want to catch it...!





Excellent catch!

LOL! Thank you!


AWW SKEET! Hot shots and Awesome Catch!

I know what I'm doing saturday ;)

Thanks (D)-man!


Great shots ma man! is this the only set?

Thanks dude! This was the only one I saw out there.

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I rode this trainset to work this morning. It was my first time seeing this train so I was more than shocked. On the inside, it's just like the Target train where all the ads are Swatch ads. The whole thing looks great and I hope more trains are wrapped up like this. They need to spread this over to the B Division too.

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