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All of the subway cars you have been on

Quill Depot

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What all all of the subway cars that you been on? Which is your favorite. Also list what lines you rode them on.


Me, Newest to Oldest:

R160; F,M,E,Q,J/Z,

R143; L

R142/R142A; 4,5,6,2

R68/R68A; B,D,Q,S

R62/R62A; 1,2,3,S

R46; A,N,R

R44; A

R42; V,J,Z

R40; W

R32; C,E,V

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Ill go back a bit thank you: REVENUE NOT INCLUDING FAN TRIPS




R26/28/33ML - (2)(4)(5)

R33ML/R36ML (4)(6)

R33/36WFs - (7)

R32 - (A)(C)(E)(F) (Before late 90s R32/R46 (E)(F) swap) (S) Broadway | N

R38 - (A)(C)

R40 - (B) (Q6Av) (N)(L)

R42 - (J)(M)(Z)(L)

R44 - (A)(S)

R46 - (E)(F)(R)(G) V

R62 - 3 / (4)

R62A 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 9

R68/A D / Orange Q / N


And then for post- 2001 (Everything) OTT / NTT)


R142/A (Currently on the IRT 2 / 4 / 5 / 6

R143 L / M

R160 N R V

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R26/28/29 on (2)(4)(5)(6)

R33/36 on same lines as above and (7)

R62 on (3)(4)

R62A on same lines as R62 and including (6)(7)

R30 on (F)(M)

R32 on every lettered line

R38 on (A)(C)

R40 on every lettered line

R42 on every lettered line

R44 on (A)(C) and Shuttle

R46 on A E F G R and V

R68 on (B)(D)(N)(Q) and Shuttle

R68A on same lines as R68

R143 on L and M

R160 on (E)(F)(G)(J)(L)(M)(N)(Q)(R)(V) and (W)

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I've ridden some unusual ones:


R26-R33 (Redbirds)--------------------------------------------------------------------------(7)











R110 (SEEN)--------------------------------------------------------------------------(2)





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Guest lance25

My relatively short list (compared to some of the other members here):


R46 (F)

R62 (4)

R68 (D)

R142 (2)(4)(5)

R142A (4)(6)

R160 (E)(N)(Q)(W)

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In the month of April

5643 7427 5759 7381 5496 9045 7633 5679 7378 5655 7654 5789 7241 5746 7504 7431 5619 5795 7488 8408 5538 5538 5751 7567 5814 5592 8702 9094

7498 9545


I particularly like 7633. She glitters in the sun like no other R142.

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(1) - R62A

(2) - R142

(3) - R62

(4) - R33/R62/R142/R142A

(5) - R142/R142A

(6) - R142A

(7) - R33WF/R36/R62A

(9) - R62A

(A) - R32/R38/R46

(:P - R32/R40/R40M/R68/R68A

(C) - R32

(D) - R68

(E) - R32/R160A/R160B

(F) - R32/R46/R160A/R160B

(G) - R46/R68

(J) - R42/R160A-1

(L) - R42/R143

(M) - R42/R160A-1

(N) - R32/R40/R68A/R160A-2/R160B

(Q) - R68/R68A/R160A-2/R160B

<Q> - R40

(R) - R46/R160A-2

42 st (S) - R62A

Franklin Ave. (S) - R68

(V) - R32/R46

(W) - R40/R40M/R68A

(Z) - R160A-1

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(1) R-62A

(2) R-36, R-62 and R-142

(3) R-62 and R-62A

(4) R-36, R-62, R-142 and R-142A/S

(5) R-36, R-62, R-142 and R-142A/S

<5> R-36

(6)<6> R-36, R-62A and R-142A

(7)<7> R-33 and R-62A


(A) R-32, R-32/38, R-38, R-40M/R-42, R-40S, R-44 and R-46

(:P R-40M, R-40S, R-68 and R-68A

(C) R-32 and R-38

(D) R-68

(E) R-32, R-42 and R-160A-2/B

(F) R-32, R-40M/R-42, R-46 and R-160A-2/B

(G) R-46 and R-160A-2

(J)(Z) R-42 and R-160A-1

(L) R-42. R-143 and R-160A-1

(Mx) R-42, R-143 and R-160A-1

(M) R-160A-1

(N) R-68, R-68A, R-160A-1 and R-160B

(Q) R-68, R-68A, R-160A-1 and R-160B

(Q6Av) R-40S

<Q> R-40M and R-40S

(R) R-32, R-40M/R-42, R-46 and R-160A-2

(S) R-44, R-62A and R-68

(V) R-32, R-42, R-46 and R-160A-2

(W) R-68A and R-160B


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(A): Arnines (fantrip), R32, R38, R40, R40M/R42, R44, R46, R160

(:P: R32, R40, R40M/R42, R68/A

(C): R32, R38, R40, R40M/R42, R44, R46, R110B

(D): R32 (Yankee extra) R68/A

(E): R32, R40, R40M/R42, R46, R160

(F): R32, R40M/R42, R44 (only once :cool:), R46, R160

(G): R32, R40M/R42, R46, R68, R160

(H): R44, R46

(J): R40, R40M/R42, R160

(L): R40, R40M/R42, R143, R160

(M): R160

(Mx): R40, R40M/R42, R143, R160

(N): R32, R40, R40M/R42, R68/A, R160

(Q): R32, R40, R40M/R42, R68/A, R160

(R): R32, R40M/R42, R46, R160

(S): R68

(V): R32, R38, R40M/R42, R46, R160, Arnines (fantrip)

(W): R32, R40. R40M/R42, R68/A, R160

(Z): R40M/R42, R160

(1): R62/A

(2): R142/A/S

(3): R62/A

(4): R62, R142/A/S

(5): R142/A/S

(6): R142A

(7): R62A

(S): R62A


Didn't count the redbirds, don't really remember them

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R32: (A) (:P(C)(E)

R33 (maybe): (2)

R36 or R62A (maybe): (6)

R38: (A) and maybe (C)

R40: (B) and maybe formerly W

R42: (J)(Z) and maybe formerly M-Nassau St.

R44: (A)(C)

R46: (A)(F)(G)(R)(S)-Rockaway Pk. and formerly V

R62: (3)

R62A: (1) (7)/7-express (S) 42nd St.

R68: (B)(D) and maybe (N)

R68A: (B)(N)(Q)(S)-Franklin Ave. and maybe formerly W

R142: (2) 4 5

R142A: 4 6/6-express

R143: L and formerly M-Nassau St. (I had a problem so I couldn't put in real subway bullets)

R160: E F J L M N Q and formerly M-Nassau St. and W (I had a problem so I couldn't put in real subway bullets)

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(A)R32-R38-R40-R44-R46-R160-(R68 rerouted B train)


©R32-R38-R40-R44-(R160 rerouted E train)



















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Arnines Fantrip, A,B,D.

R32, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,Brown M,N,Q,R,V,W,Z

R38, A,C,V.

R40S, A,B,C,D,L,N,Bow Q, EXP Q,W.

R40M. A,B,C,D,E,F,M,N,Q,R,V,W.

R42. C,E,J,M,Z.

R44. A,C,E,F,S.

R46. A,E,F,G,Q,R,S,V.

R68/A. B,D,G,N,Q,W.

R143. L,M.



R26/28/29. 2,4,5,6.

R33ML. 2,4,5,6.

R33WF. 7.

R36ML. 2,4,5,6,7.

R36WF. 2,6

R62/A. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9.

R142/A 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Pelham 123 Filming.

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i been on all of them from 1985 to present:


B Division:


(A): R32/R38/R40S/R40M/R42/R44/R46

(C): R30/R32/R44/R110B

(E): R32/R40M/R42/R46/R160

(S) Rockaway Park Shuttle: R44/R46


(:P: R32/R38/R40S/R40M/R42/R46/R68/R68A

(D): R40S/R40M/R42/R46/R68/R68A

(F): R32/R40M/R42/R46/R160

(M): R160

(Q6Av): R32/R40S/R40M/R42/R68*/R68A

(S6) 6 Av/Queensbridge Shuttle: R32/R68/R68A

(V): R32/R38/R40M/R42/R46/R160

(*R68 always used <Q> bullet for (Q6Av) service.)


(G): R32/R46/R68/R160


(J): R40M/R42/R160

(Mx): R40S/R40M/R42/R143/R160

(Z): R40M/R42/R160


(L) R40S/R40M/R42/R143/R160

(S) Franklin Av Shuttle: R32/R68

(S) Grand St Shuttle: R46/R68


(N): R32/R40S/R40M/R42/R68/R68A/R160

(Q): R32*/R40S/R40M/R42/R68/R68A/R160

<Q>: R32/R40S/R40M/R42/R68/R68A

(R): R32/R40M/R42/R46/R160

(S) 63 St Shuttle via Bway: R32

(W): R32/R40S/R40M/R42/R68/R68A/R160

(*R32 always used (Q) bullet for <Q> service.)


(SIR): R44

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A Division:


(1): R62A

(2): Redbirds/R62A/R142

(3): R62/R62A

(9): R62A


(4): Redbirds/R62/R142/R142A

(5): Redbirds/R62A/R142

<5>: Redbirds/R62A/R142

(6): Redbirds/R62A/R142A

<6>: Redbirds/R62A/R142A


(7): Redbirds/R62A

<7>: Redbirds/R62A


(S) 42 St Shuttle: R12*/R62A

(*Fan Trip)

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(A) Division:


(1) R-62/A

(2) R-142/A

(3) R-62/A and R-142


(4) Redbirds,R-62/A,R-142/A

(5) Redbirds,R-142/A

(6)<6> R-62/A R-142A


(7)<7> R-62A and Redbirds


(:P Division:


(A) R-32,R-38,R-40M/S,R-42,R-44,R-46,R-160

(:P R-32,R-40M/S,R-42,R-68/A

(C) R-32,R-38,R-40M/S,R-42,R-44 missed the R-46 over last Summer.

(D) R-40M/S,R-42,R-68/A,R-160

(E) R-32,R-40M,R-42,R-46,R-160

(F) Same above.

(G) Same as the above.

(J) R-40M/S,R-42,R-160

(L) Same as above + R-143

(M) Same as above.

(Mx) R-160

(N) R-32,R-40M/S,-R-42,R-68/A,R-160

(Q) Same as above

(R) R-32,R-40M,R-42,R-160

(S) R-32,R-44,R-46,R-68/A

(V) R-32,R-40M,R-42,R-46,R-160

(W) Same as the N and Q

(Z) Same as the J

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I can't remember all of the trains I've been on but for the B division.


R1-9 D, E, F, GG (G), J (QJ)

R10 A, later C (CC), E, F, G

R32 D, N, Q (QB), later R, E, F, V

R38 F, E, later A, C

R40 slant F, E, later C, A, B,

R40 mod F, E, later just about every line

R42 F, E later just about every line

R44 F, E, D, A, later A

R46 F, E, G, N, later R, V, A

R68 D later B, N, Q,

R143 L

R160 N, Q, W, M, E, F, R


I remember the R32 and later as brand new.

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R68-------(N)(Q) (:P



R44-------(C) when they where in service








R1/R9------(E) Christmas Special

Lo-V------(6) Subway System 100th Anniversary Special

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