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Owning a Train Car or Bus...


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If You were RICH and you were to Buy from the MTA[Or Maybe another company] a Train Car and/or Bus, what model(s) would it be?


How would you use it? For Exhibiting? Private use?

Would you request the TA or another TA Company to use your car/or Bus in revenue service? BUT Paying them lol Or build a Train Yard for the train?


And anything else? Live in or sumin :( :( ~~~~



Train: Me I will choice R32, R33WF, R62A and 142 [1 A Car, Not B]Original


Then I can ride it in my private train yard, drive it around, turn it into a Museum, Sorry gotta pay $20Buxs to enter HEHE:p and I may sign a contract with MTA for special events, just like the SMEE IRT, R1-9 Special.. wat ever, but would have to De-couple the R32 from others if I ue em in a IRT lol...


Bus: Would be the RTS, love the style of CLASSICS, would use it for regular service without MTA knowing HEHE jking :( , drive it around, and turn it into a Space Shuttle, if I put more science knowledge in me lol


.........And I will pay MTA to maintain em for me!



What about YOU? ;)

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I knew this thread would come from you :(


For me it would be R32 (Phase 2), R62A, R142A, and R160B...

That makes it 4 cars to buy, I think I would make a train yard with a little shop and keep the cars nice and shiny and of course open up like a museum or open house sort of thing :(

I wonder if the MTA would do something like this, an if it is on private property would I need to legally know everything to actually drive the train? :confused:



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Hmmm....no trains for me, I'll let museums and transit systems handle the vintage stuff, unless I open up my own museum.


For buses, it would be a an NJT Nova A, NJT Nova B (1512 in particular), a NJT Flxible Metro B (I wanted to buy 3219 but now NJT is using that bus for parts :D ), an NJT Flxible Metro-D, a TMC RTS (mainly an 8600) from the MTA, a NJT Neoplan AN459. Thats all I can think of now.

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Well lets see here... I would get the folloeing buses:


The Bee-Line System;

Flxible Metro-B(favorite)

Orion VII

2006 Orion V


GMC Newlook

GMC Oldlook

Neoplan AN460


Suffolk Transit;

Gillig Phantom

Flxible Metro-C

Orion V



Orion VII-NG

New Flyer C40LF


IrisBus Civis


All my buses will be put in revenue service under the name [NYATA]. as for trains, well i'd use light rail vehicles instead.

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I know my 8 car consist :D

<-F40PH-GP40PH2-R68A-R68A-R68-R68-M7-Genesis Loco->

and as for buses

I'll get an Orion 7 without that thing on top and an Orion 5 CNG


Wow!! Have fun MUing that train. I'll just settle for a 3 car R46 set ABA with the blue stripe and set up for the (JFK).

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Eh, I'd go for a married pair of R33ML's in redbird livery.


I always thought the funniest thing would be if someone used conductor's controls and the PA as the intercom system in their home (someone would hit the buzzer to ring), then inside there'd be another conductor's controls and PA to open up for guests (the one outside would require a key obviously, that's how the homeowner would get in), and of course when the thing closed there'd be an R62 door chime playing :D


That would be LOL status

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If it were subway cars I would'nt go with the more modern ones...too commonplace, everyone has seen them and been in them a million times...I would go for something less modern but still nice to look at...an R-36 (baby blue with white) or the R-12's (red and grey)...nice to see what the old days were like when style accounted for something. Today's cars are to generic and plain looking IMO...

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dream private owned consist


P40 800

P40 802

Heritage Baggage Car

Pacific Parlor Car

Viewliner Sleeper "College View"

Viewliner Sleeper "American View"

Viewliner Sleeper "Lake View"

Heritage Coach

Heritage Coach

Heritage Diner

Heritage Lounge

Heritage Dome Car


All of this in Phase IV Paint.

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Ok, i've given it some thought.


Full acela trainset.

10 car R40 set in world's fair paint with original style (F) designation.

8 car R32 set with (C) designation.


ALP-45(whenever it comes out).


AEM-7 in phase III paint.

GG1 x2 One with PRR scheme, one with PC scheme.

Comet multilevel 10 car set with 2 cab cars.

Remaining viewliners.

Remaining heritage fleet.

HHP8 x4.

Budd amfleet set of 30 (15 for each dual HHP8:cool:).

PCC cars in every livery they've ever been painted with.

SW1500 unit number 502 and 503.

ROIC tramway with cars. :cool:


- A

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First and foremost, RTS buses and parts ('79-'99 models), as many as I could afford to purchase, drive and shelter. Secondly, parts. Many, many parts ( a lot to play with too, but they'd probably be out of weight range).


(NYCT) Classic and modern RTS farebox and motorola equipment.

I. V-7 series transmissions, new and cutaways/dissected (A few VS-2's also)

II. ZF Angle V Bus transmissions.

III. Detroit Diesel Series 50 engines, Series 71's and 92's. Ilder gears, cores, cranks, camshafts to toy with, etc.:).

IV. Heavy duty Meritor axles, A-frame, chunkz -, etc.

V. V-7 automatic PTO drive shaft and T coolers.

VI. Radiator fan and overflow tanks (Mohawk part?)

VII. Radiator and transmission access doors.

VIII. Exhaust pipes and muffler.

IX. Brakes, tires, accessories.

X. Turbo

XI. Air compressor, blower motors, drive belts, lots and lots of cables and nuts, spacers, locks, etc.


Railroad/Train parts.

Some standard width track and some Locomotive Trucks. In fact, just gimme the trucks and track/rail, without the cars. NYCT Third rail sections (a few feet long).



B/O badges, and old fashioned (NYCT) plates from buses and subway. Blue bus operator clothing plus dark vest.


There's more but I can't remember at the moment. I also like cement, refuse, fire, and dump vehicles, but that list doesn't go here;)

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Yup that's the one :)


I will be picking up an R68 master controller sometime in the next couple weeks, now that I've got space for it (under the bed, yes, but it will have to do).


And I have a whole bunch of Subway stickers I got from the folks at Bergen Sign Shop (including a desk nameplate with my name on it). More coming later when I get more space...

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