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South Ferry Station Opens At 12:00 Noon And Loop Closes at 11:57 AM

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I've just got all the departures right.


As everyones knows, the New South Ferry station at 12 Noon EST in Lower Manhattan. This station features new 10 car long platforms that can help load times faster. This station will also help the (1) line prosper into a better subway line then it already is. The station is built beneath the current loop station and has is more efficient terminal. This station has a direct transfer to the (R)(W) ay Whitehall and direct entrance to South Ferry Terminal.


At 11:57 AM the last (1) train will depart South Ferry Loop. I bet this train will be filled car-to-car with railfans and train buffs alike. This is first in my generation of them abandoning a station. The South Ferry Loop opened in 1905 and served the 7th Ave Local as part of theory only local stay in their borough. Similar patters are on the (6) City Hall, (V) 2nd Avenue, (E) WTC, and (J)(Z) Broad. 104 years later the last train at 11:57 AM will depart and the doors will close forever.


This a big day in history. If my school attendance wasn't so bad, I'd skip school to see this wonderful occasion. Sadly I'm stuck in NJ. I hope people catch the last train out SF and 1st one in the new SF!

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Man, you guys are acting like the pope died or something. Need to chill with the personification of an inanimate object.[/Q


i dont think thats it, the thing is well in my mind anyways, that thats a big part of history, its like a historic landmark type thng, i kinda feel the same way each time they take another subway car i grew up riding out of service.

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u know i never knew the (5) train used the south ferry loop to turn their trains around for uptown service. though there used to be a shuttle that ran from bowling green to south ferry years back


Up until about 1976 (give or take a year,) the (5) and (6) terminated there. There was also the SS Bowling Green- South Ferry Shuttle.

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