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  2. Technically yes. However, that could be subject to change as all things with the .
  3. What is the ratio of R32’s and R179’s on the ? How many of each train does the have and is there more 32’s or 179’s? (Sorry if this is the wrong thread to be asking this....)
  4. How many R46 trains are on the compared to R160’s? I’ve been seeing a bunch of R46’s lately. (Sorry if there is a specific thread for this, I hardly follow the subway forums)
  5. Today
  6. $4.5 billion for phase 2 of the Second Av Subway (96-125). More delays for the M15
  7. Sometimes a newly manufactured bus has "issues" that has to be repaired at the vendor/manufacturer.
  8. January Pick starts on 1/5/20, correct? (That’s the first Sunday of the month).
  9. Speaking of Artic, the B46 +SBS+ is next in the January Pick.
  10. I mean, service isn't even really reliable these days, so at this point getting all the pain over with is probably the preferable option. Though I haven't heard anything of Fastracks and Cuomo stopped the L shutdown, so I suppose it's out of style.
  11. The neighborhood maps are available online, and they're horribly out of date anyways, so I suppose nothing of value is being lost.
  12. The R32's have been quite a treasure for NYC. I know, right? I first noticed it last year and while I was impressed that they got the and all the new SBS lines in without using stickers, my attention went right to the difference in the "R" in "Rd" between Kingsbridge and Fordham (among many others.)
  13. That's a service cut on the rest of the to go to 20 minutes between 10-11pm, just run 12-15 minutes to Far Rockaway and start the Lefferts shuttle after the stops running.
  14. What went between pillars (besides enamel signs) were usually warning notices, printed in the "Oppy" style and telling riders to avoid littering or prevent fires. They were notices that could sit for a few years if not a decade and still convey up-to-date information. To my knowledge, the only example of real advertising in or around the track bed was in the days of the early elevateds, when ads were installed under the platforms to face straphangers on the other side. That didn't last much beyond the 1920s or 1930s, if even that. As for the diminished use of track bed notices/advertisements? Likely safely as mentioned but mainly appearance: there's so much steel dust kicked up there in even a few months that any notice grows filthy–if not illegible–almost as quickly as it's installed. The proof is in the former-white of new third rail covers, or the rare cleaned up pillar signs (West 4th) that quickly turn grey and black again.
  15. Work trains are wrecking service tonight. Not good to have trains bunching on 2-3 min headways at 12:45 AM -- that means somewhere on the line, somebody's gonna wait a long ass time. Big crowds developing. Bottleneck happened around Atlantic, the local track is out of service and a work train bunched in an , an , and a within a minute or so.
  16. Two thoughts: 1) Those R32 trains are still moving. Hit 45mph through the tube Brooklyn-bound today, that's pretty respectable for an R32 2) Who the hell chose the font on the new line strip maps? It's some weird typeface with no relation to Helvetica or Akzidenz (though the bullets are Akzidenz), and some of the letters are completely bizarre...not to mention entirely inconsistent with the rest of the system
  17. Not mine Ahad gave me permission to share here, I'll ask him what program he used
  18. I was thinking why that train has been there since 8? They still haven’t said this is a derailment on their site. I read that it was indeed a derailment but why are they hiding that from their site ???
  19. What is going on here? Are they trying to get into another Cold War, but for subway Technology?
  20. It’s not even limited to the City; this “reinventing the wheel” seems to go on all across the country. It really is too much.
  21. Yea what the previous poster said. As long as u on it they don't stress u much on the time. If u walking slow or look lost then it becomes an issue. 1 of my classmates who failed ran out of time trying to find a mistake he made. In that case time matters.
  22. Yes, I think it’s been there for some time now. Surprisingly it came kinda long before 7848. It confuses me why they skip around numbers for some reason....? XD
  23. If you look like you know what you are doing they will let you finish even if you take more than the regular alotted time.
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