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08-02-09 NYC Transit Museum Trip & 207th St Yard

Fred G

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Kudos to the Transit Museum, TA Div C and the 207th St Shop for what was an outstanding trip and tour. Thanks so much!


Here are some teasers from Sunday's trip.



interior of R6 1000



anti-RFW as we entered 207th yard, or left the tunnel, whichever way you like to view it.


















Thanks to Mark W for putting me to the wise about the train turning at Church St so I could get up to Smith-9th to catch it. I got here a bit late as the F was tardy pulling into J Street.






Moar photos in the album Enjoy and thanks for looking.

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Wow Fred, you're really a pro.. Even my pictures came out worse lol.


Thanks for such excellent shots, your a pro! BTW the Arnies on the Culver Viaduct, was that the end of the day heading to NYCTM or morning time?


And it was at the end of the day heading back to 207th Street yard... They only took 5 cars instead of the 8. The remaining 3 just stayed in the Transit Museum for people to look at... I guess the R32 that were for the museum was just dying for revenue service lol.

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Great photos Fred, as always.

The last stop was Jay Street and then the train relayed just north of 18th Ave on the (F) then headed back to 207th Street yard.

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How often do these sorts of events take place and where can I find further information on the running days of the older subway stock?


Love the shots... I'm a Nikon D300 user so good to know you're a D700 user!

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