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5117 has.......

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So I was walking down Ashford Street and I seen an orange sign B6 Limited thinking it was 5105, 5106 or 5107 and it just happens to be 5117. Last week I seen 5117 with green signs and now it has orange signs. I also got a sound clip of 5109 which have orange signs as well. Sorry no pic of it b/c I don't take night shots that good!




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I saw 5108 with orange signs yesterday


Cool...I need to catch that one!


great job.




wowwwwwwwww ru serioussssss 5105 5106 5107 5108 nd now 5117 woahh buddyy ima go 2 upk nd luk @ 5117 but it had green light$ last wk on the b36 @ my skooll . wow tht$ crzy


I'm shocked as well!


<R>TS greatnessss love the destination sign hey (C)(A) can I copy this great picasso to save as a screensaver ?


This must look hot at (K)<R>night:cool:


Yes you have my permission to use this as a screensaver!


That sound clip sounds awesome :tup:

Thanks Shane!


Great Pic of the orange RTS.


Thanks Emmaunel!

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Every time I go out without my cammera I see these buses....the other day I saw 5105 and 5106 back to back on the B6.


Well thats why I take my camera everywhere I go....the one day I didn't take my cam I missed a R-142A on the (5)!


Yo, I'm feeling that big time! All the RTS's should have become like this with the destination signs and that bus sounds incredible! Thanks for sharing that with us!


Thanks.....glad you enjoyed it :tup:!

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