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Trainz Sim NYCTA Pics


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I been doing station work along Central Park West from 145st To 59st CC. He is the results.


Next Video will be Central Park West Exp

I see you like that R40 alot :P

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Either way, I don't support it.


-A  :ph34r:


Are you not supporting rooting because you think it's illegal?  It's just letting Android users take command of the administrative commands of an Android phone.  You still have to buy apps and what not, unlike their counterpart of "jail-breaking" iPhone's and iTouch's where you can get things for free.


I think you are getting some information and terms mixed up.

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I am very impressed sir! I don't mean to sound blah, but it takes a lot to impress me and this is absolutely fantastic! As one of the lead NYCTA developers, I do have some questions for ya--just some friendly curiosities.


Are you using a TransDEM for the geography, or did you do it by hand (i.e. look at Google Earth, etc. and take measurements and then put it in Trainz)?


What are you using as far as track maps and such for the distances between the stations and what tracks go where?


If you need my updated signals, send a shout, and I'll provide a mediafire link for them.


Great work sir--hope to see more from you! Glad to see another person stepping up to the plate and showing off their skills!


-A  :ph34r:

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thank you alot of hard work and time go into these 


i use google maps for the out side parts, and the track maps i use are from, http://www.nycsubway.org/wiki/New_York_City_Subway_Track_Maps, this site is awesome 

and i judge the distance from memory and really just guessing how far there are from each other, plus i work in nyc and ride the subway almost every day. and i just found your signals yesterday.  

right now i have the (2)(E) and (A) close to done. ( which means ready to drive) and half of the (F) but i think im going to do the (7) next when im done with the (A)

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Awesome. I have a .pdf file somewhere on my computer of a complete list of station distances for NYCTA. I'll dig it up and upload it. I wish I had the free time and patience you do for elevated scenery and such. I could learn a thing or two from you!


Also an announcement with pics to come later:


Revamped El stations are finished and in-game. I have to correct a reversed texture issue and they'll be ready for release by Sunday at the latest. The EL kit is also going to be uploaded this weekend. It's similar to the Subway Custom Station Kit, except it's for...well, the EL. :P


Each "configuration" for the EL stations will have two object pieces (start & end), and two spline pieces (a canopy and an uncovered section). I decided to do this so that you could decide on your own how much canopy (or lack thereof) you want to include on your stations. I was inspired by the few original pieces BStyles put on the DLS a long time ago. They work the same way as the subway stations--there are track attachment points where you can put whatever you want in there, and they can be passenger enabled. A second benefit to the setup (it just occurred to me!) is that these pieces can double as open cut/surface stations as well--just use a surface type track and presto! And since the third rail is included you could use non "subway" tracks like Samplaire's! :D


Configuration List:

1A- typical one track set up with railing

2A- side platforms

2B- island platforms

3A- side platforms

3B- island platforms

3C- side & island (think of Mets-Willets Point)

4A- side platforms

4B- island platforms


If the pics aren't up tonight, they'll be up tomorrow!


Thanks again for your patience!


-A  :ph34r:

P.S. These in NO way will conflict and/or supercede/replace the excellent EL stations that BStyles is working on currently. These are additional pieces.

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It isn't much, but it's evidence that my revamped EL stations are in-game and working just fine! I re-did the 125 St station on the (1) to make it passenger enabled and it works beautiful! That gap on the end of the station spline is being fixed as we speak. I hope to do some beta testing on the (2)(5) and the (7) over the next few days before releasing.


But I couldn't just give an announcement could I? Of course, here is the EL custom station kit for your troubles!  :D




NTCYA EL Station Kit v1




-A  :ph34r:

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NYCTA Elevated Station Set


Includes the following:


Canopies, station splines (without canopies) and start/end pieces.


It comes for the following configurations:


1T, 2T (island and side), 3T (island, side and a third), and 4T (island and spline).


This is the first part of a set I'm planning. BStyles has been absent due to his other obligations, so I thought I'd take over on small portions of our joint mega-project.


Enjoy gentlemen!



Station Splines

End Pieces

Start Pieces


-A  :ph34r: 

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