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Four R160 Siemens sets in Service now, as well as a few ones getting ready


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They have four Siemens set in service now on the (N)ovember...


So it "looks" like maybe they solved that problem they had...


Numbers are...










Also they was burn testing 8923-24-25-26-8927+8928-29-30-31-8932 on the (N)ovember last night as well,train followed me out of Brooklyn to Ditmars..


Also fresh out of the barn 8943-44-45-46-8947 sitting right there nice and shiny..:cool::cool:

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No they are not. They are using R160As fulltime and the R160s just sit in Fresh Pond yard for the week instead of going back to ENY.


Okay. Sorry for the confusion.


@Harry, Yes, long live the R160s. They run smootly and are comfortable too. I don't see the "specialness" in the older trains.

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Today was something I was wishing for a LONG time. Rode 3 siemens sets + caught 8843 - 8852 relaying at 86th Street, the R160A-2 set and noticed only 3 alstom propulsion R160B trains running (NOT INCLUDING THE A-2) and 3 R68 N trains. It was a pretty fun day to railfan today.


This morning I rode "(N) set 8902-01-00-99-8998+8853-54-55-56-8857" it was the smoothest, quietest ride ever. I don't give a squat what these kids have to say. Long live the R160!


I was on that train around 11AM heading to Coney Island and back.

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Not to me and i operate em....


Really dig the way those Motors sound on the Siemens sets..


I love the Siemens sets. They are fun to ride on and their motor sounds are perfect "on the run." I would prefer a fun sounding motor and a smooth ride then some old car with broken A/Cs and a jerk that occurs so violently when the Old trains start up that they move you.

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