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Your best and worst experiences going to the Dentist?

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As I have just gone to the Dentist this week, I thought I create a topic on it.

Plus i saw on it was discussed a few days ago in the chatbox. Not to mention I saw a Married w/ Children re-run recently in which Al goes to the Dentist.


So guys what is your experience going to the Dentist if you gone at all LOL?




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what best experience....


I haven't been to a dentist in years.... that power brush they use, hurt when it rubs up against your gums.... that gel lookin shit they use (don't know what it's called); stuff tastes horrible; worse, leaves a week long aftertaste.... don't need someone to do all that, and at the end of it all, remind me to brush my teeth at least twice a day... and charge me a couple hundred bucks for it...



anyone remember this:


brush your teeth, twice a day... keep that stinky breath away

and then your teeth wont fade from tooth decay....


^^ LMFAO.... I still remember that jingle, from one of those old school looney tunes cartoons....

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Only been to the dentist once to get a tooth filled. The utter feeling of cold air rushing into the hole makes me cringe. Then the helper sticking that thing that sucks the saliva out your mouth feeling like shes trying to kill you. Then feeling the doc drilling into the tooth. Not to mention the needle of the novicane or whatever the hell it is. Lets put it this way my 1st trip to the dentist was a nightmare to me when I was 17.


My teeth are in pretty good shape. As long as that filling stays in im good *knocks on wood*

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I've survived having 4 adult teeth pulled out when I was 13. Also had at least 2 fillings done a few years ago.

Last visit was basically just cleansing. The vacuum thing is annoying and I needed to gasp for air a few times, but otherwise no major drama during the visit. So long as my fillings are ok, I have nothing to worry about. I've cut back my soda intake to nearly a 20oz bottle over 3-4 days.

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Last August was my most recent visit to the dentist, in which the doctors thought I needed to get braces but after a follow-up a few weeks afterwards they said I didn't need them after all. Besides that, I make sure I go every year, for the same reason INDman gave lol :P

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I've generally had good experiences with the dentist. I try to floss sometimes although I find it annoying and I always brush at least once a day sometimes twice or three times depending on what I eat (i.e. food w/garlic and or onions). :cool: Generally my rule of thumb is once in the morning when I shower and once at night when I usually shower again if I'm not too tired. I'm also lucky enough not to have any cavities so far. I had one bad experience where I found out that I would need surgery to remove impacted teeth that were growing into my jawbone. :eek: The surgery went pretty well overall and I was back in class after about a day or two. I had a small infection afterwards, but that went away once I started rinsing with this solution that the dentist recommended.


The only thing I need to have done is to have one of my teeth fixed because it is crooked from me f*cking with it as a kid when they were coming in, but other than that I'm okay. The same tooth is also chipped a little from horseplaying when I was playing hockey with some friends, but it isn't really noticeable unless someone is really looking inside of my mouth. LOL


Everytime I've been to the dentist they're like you need to have that fixed and I've just been too lazy to get the work done, but eventually if not this year, then maybe next year I'll have it capped and fixed properly. :P It's also the whole braces thing too that annoys me, aside from the fact that I kinda like the look. Makes me feel more manly. :cool: I really don't want to be bothered with those damn things. I mean I can't imagine being in a high end restaurant somewhere with those damn things on trying to enjoy some mussels or artichokes or something. :mad:

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I recently went to the dentist after not going for about 10 years.

What made me go was that I had enamel erosion on a few teeth.


After the cleaning and x-rays, this is what I needed. 12 cavities filled, 3 wisdom teeth taken out and 1 root canal/cap/crown for a cracked molar.


I didn't get a 2nd opinion, I am thankful that I can save all of my teeth.

So I had the 12 cavities filled, piece of cake, no pain at all. No novoacaine,I think the dentist used some kind of dental wand, I heard beeps. He put sealant where the enamel had eroded on a few of my teeth.


He said that I grind my teeth at night and that I brushed too hard.

I am going to need a mouth guard once I am finished with everything.


I am going to decline the 3 wisdom teeth removal, never had any pain

or anything else. Dentists make a lot of money on removing wisdom teeth

when in most cases it's not necessary. ($750.00 in my case)


In about 5 months will have a root canal on my upper back molar which is cracked in half. Even though it doesn't give me any problems I rather not take any chances.


From now on I will be going every 6 months for a cleaning. I also started

using the Waterpik flosser and a sonic care toothbrush. I stopped drinking

sodas, ices teas. I use a straw to drink hot tea or orange juice.


It wasn't a bad experience at all, but I have yet to have my 1st root canal

experience, a lot of people say that it's not as bad as it sounds. I fear more losing any of my teeth then going to see a dentist.

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Me good experiences except one time back in '07 or '08 there was 1 tooth that didn't come out in a month and it was very loose I didn't want him to pull it so he gave me a month came back and it wasn't out so he put a shitload of that stuff to numb it and it genetly tugged at it and it was out in a matter of seconds.When I went to my dental app monthly for my braces I would hate the sand paper or sheetrock material idk I forgot(CRS) but it was used to shave down teeth instead of using the drill it wasn't painful but it was uncomfortable and left a bad taste.And aren't we supposed to go to the dentist once or twice a year for cleaning?

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