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Notes from the Underground 01-18-09

Fred G

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Nice photos that third one is awsome!!


Thanks, trainfan22!


Now these are the types of shots I love of the subway. The artistic ones, not just random shots of trains. Love your photos Fred. Keep them coming. :)


Thank you very much, Y2Julio!




Man, I love the upper Manhattan (A) stations!!


Thanks, I like those spots a lot, too.


Nice pics, Fred!

Where's the location of the pic with the tunnel going down?


Thanks, UlmerPark B6. That's at 181st on the A, upper Manhattan.


Excellent stills Fred, particularly the B&W snap! I didn't know they allowed tripods underground B)


Thanks, Teelow. Those are all handheld, no tripod.


The first three are fabulous!


Thank you!

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(A)+....love all of them!


Thanks, Curtis :)


Hot Man!


Thanks, Z! Tell everybody in Phonics that Fred says hey B)


You've captured my heart. Awesome pics! :tup:


Thank you, that's very kind of you to say :)


Any chance we could get a high-res of the 3rd shot? (the one showing the two tunnels)


Sorry, no. I have other plans for the hi-res versions. :)

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