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Triborough B Division (56k)

Paul P

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Good stuff! :tup::tup:



Awsome pics!

Thanks Vinny!


Hot Pics P!


The (N) at QNSboro with Manhattan looks gd! and (F)(Q) turning!

I like those too, thanks for the comment!

Very nice pics! And very nice use of the scenery in some of those shots.

I agree, thanks!

Slammin pics!

Thank you!

nice photos!! love that R143 with the 8th avenue sign!

Thanks man, that was actually a random shot, I took it from the train on the opposite platform right before the doors closed!

Nice pics. In the R160 (E) at Jackson Heights pic you caught an R40M (V) on the local track.

Thanks, I had a picture of it, but unfortunately it was broken in half when I did the image transfer!

I must say


This was the best shot.


Love your shots man, but that one I loved the most!

Thanks Shane! ;)

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Nice photos!


Excellent work, you really got around! The (J) at Marcy is my favorite!


(S)ome great scenic shots man really

you have the (J)comming on (A) turn that shows the (W)illy(B) :tup::tup:

Thanks for the kind words guys! :tup:

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