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131, 4528, 4530 and more.....

Cait Sith

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Nice, Weird looking bee line buses as mta's and nice towtruck :)


Excellent shots!


Great Photos!


Excellent pics!



And cool, a NG on the B51. And that 9310 bus looks pretty good now. I'm hoping it's a sign of better things to come from LGA.


Thanks guys!


Wow you did luck out , That bee-line looks weird like dan said but I see we gotta bus down lol 64 B/O was happy I bet .

(B)(5)(1)/39 all coverage :tup:


Its a good thing I made that 2nd trip, that Q23 came right after the Orion V CNG got towed.


With a stop full of people waiting for him, I wouldnt doubt it at all LOL!


Nice pixs!


Thanks Mark!


Nice shots. The Bee-Line O5s doesn't look that weird when viewed from the back. At least the MTA is making use of every aspect of what the buses have to offer.


Thanks! I'll give those Orions about a week before there's some noticeable damage done to them.

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Crap, u caught the B51 before I did lol, but I love the shots espically the B39. Keep up the good work!


Thanks! I waited an hour for that B51 to come back, traffic was so bad that the B51 was rerouted via the M103/M15! instead of going straight via Canal Street!


Slammin pics!




At least that CNG wasn't 9992... Man 9992 has a beast turbo backfire. It'd be sad to see it gone or broke down :)


9992 was also on the Q64 this day, I saw a lot of hard seaters on the line with it still being mostly soft seats

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Its getting hot in here.....so take off all your busses :(


Awsome,Hot pics dude! :tup::tup:


(MTA) Bus 131 looks like it has R46/44 LCD's! :eek:


Thanks sir!


Videos are up!





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