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Your First Name

R42 M Train

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I just forgot.


Me too!


Oh ya my name is Fred Flintstone...... YABBA DABBA DOOO


damn people are quick to give out their personally identifiable information on here...


Yep now people can just look em up on Facebook, MySpace, where ever. Even if the last name is shorten (For some)

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IINM, this isn't allowed due to forum rules.


Privacy of members - Revealing personal information such as full names, mailing address or other information that is invasive of other's privacy without their express consent is prohibited.


the rules says revealing FULL names. Im am asking peoples first names just some decided to enter their last name. And if you post it here, then you consented to it.


and if mods have a problem with this, feel free to lock. ;)

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