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An 8- Car R62 Bronx Bound (4) and a Coney Island Bound (D) Train departed the Zach Av Terminal Simultaneously. While exiting the (4) was switched off the Local Track onto the Express, and the R-32 (D) bashed into the 3rd Car of the (4) Train. Service was suspended for quite sometime. The IRT SMEE Train, led By R26 7840 signed up as the (6) picked up the slack, on the South Bound Local Track.








Tail end of the R32 (D) , and the R62 (4) Still in the station..






From under the EL







IRT SMEE Train R26 7840 signed up as the (6)




IRT SMEE Tail end, R21 7050 signed up as the (2)




Via Station





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You really want to cause some destruction don't you. Don't forget to have the camera ready.


I haven't had one in a while and it's either loose Conrail diesels hitting a subway train or Molten Sulfur being dumped out of derailed tank cars.

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Hey Zach I am amazed. I have never seen such a cool setup like that and it looks amazing. Oh man looks like more delays on the (D) and (4) right? :(


Hehe thanks man. Delays up and down the IND and IRT lol.



It looks really bad. Any fatalities? Hoping for the best....


But funny pictures. :D


No Deaths lol.


Damit I want a model subway!!!! Im jealous!!!! LOL..... Nice pics!!!


Go get one.. / thanks


U still let service speed on by while a R-62 hangs of the side of an el? Brave.


I had no choice. lol. The R1 (A) was terminated on the Southbound Express Track in the station, so I figured I would implement IRT SMEE service;)


In addition, the (5) and (7) run service under the el, so if anybody or anything, fell from the El, the R-17 (5) and / or the R-36 (7) Would hit it/them.

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The board of commissions concluded that motorman Brighton Zach was'nt on his cell phone or tex messaging at the time of the crash but he was eating a kinish with salt & mustard on top. Final words of correction from the board; one should never eat a knish while negotiating a curve through a switch on Wednesday.

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Zach it looks like we have the same taste in trains and buses however i wish to have the same space as u someday but for now the walls around are my space. Nice to see the same Buddy L Greyhound Americruiser bus. I have the same one and it looks about the same as your (condition) about 20 years old right? Nice set up my friend...

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