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(A) & (E)

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The Jamaica Center/Archer Av riders always get screwed over when (E) doesn't go there. But the Hillside Av riders always get the luxury for having two lines serving them. When I take the (E) and if its going to Hillside Av, I stay on and walk a few blocks down to Jamaica Av, rather than taking a shuttle bus or waiting for another (E) to Jamaica Center.

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Excellent shots, especially unedited.

Can you tell me what ISO and shutter speed you used?




ISO, I used 400. It really, well for me depends on the light condition. However the higher the ISO the more grain you get in your pics. So its better to have it on the lower end if you can work wit it. I dont resort to anything high unless there is no other way I can get the shot for underground shots.


And I used 1/25sec for the shutter speed. Now that might not work for you but it worked for me. If you have a SLR just play with it.

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