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A Little Experiment Of Sorts....

Cait Sith

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The new toy gets tested underground because of a detour (the rain I got caught in lol on Thursday), not the best shots but its something









Some filming experiments with my Minolta F1.7 50mm Prime Lens






And some regular clips







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Wow hot! You got a new camera also?


Inadvertently, I did. I had to take in my other cam for repairs because the motor was refusing to let certain functions work. So instead of them fixing my a500, they gave me an a33 (a newer camera because of the price I paid for the a500 body) because parts were backordered and would take a good long while to fix. No complaints here!

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Nice stuff. I recently noticed how R68's and 68(a)'s have different door speeds. Sixty-eight's doors close in about a second. No wonder I've been hit a few times while boarding a (D) train.

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