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What is your Favorite Bus Engine?


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1, Detroit Diesel Series 50 [G]


2. Detroit Diesel Series 92 (8V92)/(6V92)


3. Cummins C8.3G


4. Cummins L10 [G]


5. John Deere 6081 H


6. Cummins ISL-G



1. Allison V731


2. Allison B400R


3. Voith 864.5


4. ZF 5HP592

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Well here's mine for those to but please invite people to this thread:


-Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

-Detroit Diesel Series 50

-Detroit Diesel Series 50 CNG

-Detroit Diesel 8V71

- a Cummins engine (i don't remember which one) (the one from the flxible metro b).

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For transmissions my top 3 are...


1. ZF EcoMat (don't matter which one)

2. Allison V731 (including the special V731RH)

3. Allison B500-R


...not much of a fan of Voith


I like the engines that are on the 1200 LFSAs, and the XD40s.



Cummins ISL

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Detroit Diesel Series 40

Detroit Diesel Series 40E

Detroit Diesel Series 50

Detroit Diesel Series 50G

Detroit Diesel Series 50 DDEC


Bae Systems HybriDrive Propulsion Systems

Allison V-731 ATEC

Allison World B-400R

Allison World B-400R WTEC

Allison World B400R WTEC III

Allison World B500R WTEC III

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