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R160B Q; Midday & PM Rush

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Great shots, My favorite is the last one.


Did you ride the entire (Q) route with the R160B? That ride was awesome! Best R160s were on the (Q) today. There were plenty on (N) and (W). R160s dominate the Broadway line (N)(W) and now (Q). Great photos too!


Hahah, Zach. So that's what you look like! Wow, nice pics, I hunting R160 (Q) tomorrow.


I see you in the first pic, holding a camera, with your mouth slightly open, concentrating on getting that shot just right... :o


They're all great.


Excellent pics....hahaha:D your on candid camera (reffering to 1st pic)

Haha! Ok Guys, now you all know what I look like!:D Glad everyone enjoyed the shots..

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well gentlemen, you guys hav been all over the 160's. that's a tru railfan. u guys are doing our dirty work for us. but don't worry, i gotta big surprise for you guys. pics. is a plus. but i do LCD Panel projects where i record the announcements. so more to come.

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