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09/28/08 Train of Many Colors Say Farewell to Shea

Fred G

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nice shot on pic 1


whos that lady on pic 4? =\


Pic 6 looks like an add :) lol


Thanks, she was just a fellow passenger. Ok, a pretty fellow passenger :)


Nice photos!!




Excellent Man!


Thanks Z!


Sweet pics!






- A


Tanks, Andy; sorry about the Mets though B)


Excellent shots


Thank you!


Oh man, Fred, I should have hung out with you for the rest of the day just for pic #4, haha.


LOL, sure, if you wanted girls to glare at you B)


I like those peoples faces, :D


Great as always! :cool:



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While we were doing road operations out of Corona, we had a train directly next to that one. I was bugging the TSSs to see if they could get that train for us to do road ops on. Of course they laughed and said we can't. I told them maybe I'll see some of my message-board buddies that will start snapping away as we passed......

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