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Hey guys =]


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If any of you are from the Straphangers Rider Diaries, you may know me as Roku Six. My real name's Amelia, and I'm an 18 year old college student.


I'm not cheating on Strappies, I only want to explore more transit boards! See, the thing is is that I'm no subway expert...but I do know an R142 from a trash can. My goal is to learn even more about the technicalities of the rails.

I'm into buses too. They're cool.

I also enjoy Broadway, poetry, food, rainbow colors, sprinkles, and classic rock. Oh, and long walks on the beach. :D


I also draw human representations of the train lines, which you may see up pretty soon.


I hope to get to know you guys.

Don't hate me for being a noob!

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hey =] welcome to the forum miss B)


dont w0rry forum is friendly, and dont worry about being a no0b in transit, many of us are like that, im moderate in this too, still learning.. I know the car models, not much technical features, im gd at directing people on the sub or bus.. Love buses too even tho i know very little of that...


hope you you for fill your knowledge and transit :D


enjoy your stay =]

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(MTA)Hi Amelia! Welcome aboard... I am also new to the site...in hope to learn more about how the transit system work, benefits, etc...:D Am still learning how to utilize this website. I'm still having issues loggin in...lol! I made it to this forum by luck, I guess. LMAO!!:D

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Am I dumb or what?! LOL!

It took me a couple of tries to get back to this forum..lol!

Anyway...thx in advance, I must say!


Quick question;


Can you please explain to me the easy-est (LOL!) way in which I can reply to any comments or postings placed in this/these forums? How does this thing work exactly. I am having difficulties getting on board. lol! :D:confused:


Oh yeah, it was kind of confusing to use when I joined but I think I got it now. If you have any specific questions, I'll be glad to help.


Noobs have to help each other out. :D

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