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Subway Lines You've Been On (That No Longer Operate)

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Through service changes and cancellations, there are some subway lines that no longer operate or no longer operate in their original shape.


Subway Lines That I've Been On (That No Longer Operate):



70(1) 137th Street-City College to South Ferry. Weird, short version that was a remnant of the old Broadway local.

70(8) To New York Botanical Garden at 200th Street and East 149th Street-Third Avenue to Gun Hill Road. Four car R12 sets from 1970 until April 29, 1973.

(9) West 242d Street to South Ferry. I had to test her.



70(EE) From 71st Avenue-Continental Avenue to Whitehall.

70(M) Between Canal Street and Coney Island via Brighton Local. The (M2) was in her glory running Metro Avenue to Coney Island weekdays 6am to 8pm.

70(N) From 71st Avenue-Continental Avenue to Coney Island via Sea Beach.

70(QB) From 57th Street-Seventh Avenue to Coney Island via Brighton Local. The 70(QB) was down and out - running rush hours only and only about an hour or hour and half (like serving as a supplemental train to the 70(N) on Broadway express and the 70(M)/(M2) on Brighton Local) but as time has told, she wasn't done.

70(RR) Between 23d Street and Ditmars Boulevard.

(S) Franklin Avenue From Franklin Avenue to Prospect Park in her Pre 1998 glory and when Dean Street was with us (until 1995). You also needed the paper transfer at Franklin Avenue to transfer between the (S) and the (A)(C) and vice versa. Dean Street at the end - unbelieveable.



70(AA) Mainly to the American Museum of American History. The 70(AA) ran only during middays and evenings and on weekends. During rush hours, it was the 70(B)/(B) from 168th Street-Washington Heights to Coney Island and the 70(CC) ran.

70(B)/(B) 57th Street-Sixth Avenue to Coney Island via the West End (midday), 168th Street-Washington Heights to Coney Island via the West End (rush hour) and 21st Street-Queensbridge to Coney Island via the West End. R32 Brightliners and R40 Slants

70(CC)/© Hudson Terminal to Bedford Park Boulevard. R1-R9s were still in revenue service in the early 70's on the 70(CC). As the (C) to Beach 116th Street. R27/R30s on the (C) in the summer of 1988.

70(D)/(D) Between 34th Street-Herald Square and Brighton Beach via Brighton Express. Mixed trains of R40M/R42s.

70(E)/(E) Hudson Terminal to 179th Street. Since 1988, the (E) only visits her former terminal as special rush hour trains.

70(GG)/(G) Smith-Ninth Streets to 71st Avenue-Continental Avenue. The days the 70(GG)/(G) was in her six and eight car glory.

(Q6) 21st Street-Queensbridge to Brighton Beach via Brighton Express. Sixth Avenue service between 47th-50th Streets-Rockerfeller Center and Grand Street was wonderful with the (B)(D) and (Q6) alternating.



(SIR) Saint George to New Dorp and Jefferson Avenue back to Saint George. My only trip to Staten Island. At Saint George you entered like the subway, placing a token into the turnstile. Shortly after entering at Jefferson Avenue, a nice C/R walked through, collected my fare and issued me a transfer.


Honorable Mention: 70(2) I never rode her to New Lots Avenue but did ride her to East 177th Street-West Farms Square (The Bronx Zoo). R15s and R17s.


There may have been some others I've been on that operated during the twenty year Manny B. reconstruction between 1984 and 2004 and I had taken my vacation in August 2001 but these were the ones I remember the most. B)

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1) Every route before I was alive.

2) (C) to Bedford Park Blvd. (Ok, I was alive, but very young)

3) (Q6) Any that went on 6th Av.

4) The Queensboro - 6th Av. (S) and the Queensboro - Broadway. (S), although I remember seeing that train at 57 St, with R - 32s.

5) (H) and (K).

6) <R>

7) (9)

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all the Rotes before 1990 that's it. and yes i was lucky because when i was 6 and lived in Linden plaza over pitkin yard i went to grant ave station like me and my mom always did and the R110B came that day it was so nice inside and shiny compared to the R44(A) though i was young ill never forget the ride it was awesome though now i wish i had a camera then to record the Ride and take pictures with a camera.B)

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(9), (H) before they changed it to the (S), (K), (JFK), (Q6), <R>, (W) via West End, Grand St & 63 St (S)

the (H)before it went to (S),(K),(JFK) <R>,(W)to ci,the infamous Grnd(S)&63(S) and Mabey the (P)if they had a amtrak strike.

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