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Has anyone here used the SIR before?


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I've rode it many times in the past few months. Can't really say that I like or dislike it but I ensure you, its always on time. Great view of the bridge at and around Clifton. But it does get a bit boring, in my opinion, between Clifton and Grasmere. The fartest that I've taken it was Eltingville and it wasn't anything special but I heard the view at Tottenville is okay if you're into the whole ocean scene. Most of the stations are a bit crappy and the platforms are narrow with the exception of St. George.

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I lived in staten island for 22 years. I rode SIR my while life. I remember when the R44'S still had there blue stripe! lol... SIR is ehh okay. Nothing special at all.

The Great Kills Express runs are pretty cool. They start at St George and run Express all the way to Great Kills; about 12 stops bypassed...

I always, always, HATED THE 30 min headways. Thats one thing SIR needed; IMO; every 20 min minimum.

It usually runs 4 car trains. 2 cars during overnight hrs.

Summer of 2000, they ran 5 car trains...

The Clifton yard is cool to look at.

Tottenville , the southern most MTA rail station, offers a great view of the "Kill Van Kull", the dirt lol bay that divides NJ with Staten Isl. Nice view of the Outerbridge Crossing too.

Otherwise, I might as well just get a 4-4-0 Generl Steam Locomotive, and hook up 3 coaches behind it, and feel like ( ur NOT IN NYC ) lol !

Enjoy SIR Dude, u give us feedback lol...

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Those R44s on SIR are awsome!they have great speed they have those M1/M7 type horns and it goes outside and did i menton that they go fast?I think the SIR si one of the most underated rail lines in the try state area.I dont know SI commuters cry about the SIR so much there R44s go much faster than any nyc subway car even the R40s.And yes an SIR R44 will smoke an R40 slant in a race.

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Rode the SIR last month for the first time ! It was a pleasant trip with lots of things to see !


Rode it to Eltingville to catch the S79 to S.I Mall. It was a really fun trip, fast and new!


Its looks unsafe at areas tho, especially at night....@_@

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the SIR is a POS and a waste you only pay at St. George board at any other station you ride free no turnstyles i guess thats why they think they should ride the bus for free out there talk about the MTA losing MONEY


Actually only 2 stations didn't have turnstiles, and they were being installed last i heard.


- Andy

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