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All The New Toys...

Cait Sith

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Yo Yooo you got me me :cry::cry: over here cuz of my 88 flying down the blvd....Woooooo yo that was good stuff really.

The 1 st pic if you look @ it ,The D60 looks like it has LOCKON and is ready to blow up 0059:p:p.

Fresh pics dude clean as well and 230 and QV rep'n nicely


PS Our Detroits will be leaving soon

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NYC bus pwns MTA bus = NO! (they won't retire them)


Correction, they will be retired.


That was a cool shot of 6170!!!! lol that bus is a rattling piece of crap! lol who was driving? looked like a cool op! :cool:


I think you might know the guy....:cool:

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