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Where were you on 9/11/01?

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Since we had alot of new members joined in past few months this is more directed at them to find out where they were on that horrible day 11 years ago. Also if you been here a while feel free also to again tell your story?


For those of you who don't know. I was working for in a campaign for Ken Fisher. Fisher was a then City Concilman running for Brooklyn Boro President in 2001, when the events of 9/11 occured. Let us remember those who died that day and a pray for the family members still alive who must live with that awful day forever.




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I remember it like yesterday... I had a Spanish tutoring session and was walking from my dorm room over to the Learning Center in one of the main buildings on campus and I come into the main greeting area of the building and see the TVs turned to CNN and smoke coming from the towers. By then I believe it had been confirmed that it was a terrorist attack and it was a complete mess. Suffice it say that the person I had to tutor didn't come as many folks at my university were from NYC. Trying to call back home was impossible and there were all sorts of crazy things flying around... Some folks even said that the towers had collapsed over into the Hudson River. The university bigwigs were a bunch of a-holes and had us still have class knowing that many of us didn't even know if our family members were dead or alive.


I finally was able to call home a day or two after things calmed down and found out that everyone was okay, though my aunt had witnessed the entire event from her office window. As a result of the attacks her company moved their offices to Downtown Brooklyn. As soon as there was a break with classes, I made my way down to NYC and went directly to Ground Zero. The site was unbelievable and the smell of death was evident for blocks and blocks. It was really something out of a story book. Very hard to take in and believe and this was a bit after the attacks had happened.


A lot of time has passed but for many I think the pain is still there. Our campus was certainly on edge. It was majority white with a few minorities (something like 3%) at the time and despite that everyone got along, but after the 9/11 events the Arab students on campus were not treated the best. A lot of us felt violated and vulnerable and wanted answers. Eventually we had a candlelight event at one the main areas on campus to address everything that was going on including the racial tensions on campus and that helped a bit.


On a positive note I always said that we would rebound from all of this and it has been a long road but slowly Downtown Manhattan is coming back again. However, those affected by the 9/11 events will never forget.

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Could have sworn there was a thread like this already... Anyways:


I was in school when it happened... (in the third or fourth... don't remember to well...) We were working on an activity when all of the sudden, I've notice classmates being picked up by their parents...


I was pretty confused on why that was happening... My mom comes and picks me up as well... On the way out of the school, I see alot of folks leaving the school... Still confused, I asked my mom what was going on... She tells me that two planes hit the twin towers downtown...


At that moment, I was worried for my father as he was working in Manhattan that day... I called my dad as soon as I got home and asked if he was ok... He told me he's ok and that even though the smoke from the towers never reached him, He said the smell of the smoke was strong...


I turned on the TV to see what's going on... I can see people running from the smoke... I saw the towers fall... I never saw anything like that before.... Til this day, I still remember everything I saw...

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I was in my sixth grade classroom. Teacher got a call on her phone then relayed the message to us.


At first, unbelievable. Then after a few minutes another call saying the second tower had been hit. Went to the library and saw it unfold on the news.


It was one weird day for me.

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In the corner of the dining room, goo-goo and gaa-gaaing in my bouncer. (I was 3 months old at the time.)

My dad witnessed the entire thing unfold from his office. He had to walk across the Manhattan Bridge to DeKalb Avenue to catch the train home.

My friend's uncle died on 9/11. Prayers to him and his family.

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In school at the time but working that day. I was in the basement of that building. I thought a earthquake hit Brooklyn or something as I was listening to the radio with the frantic reports. Later I realized quickly what really happenned, that the first tower fell across from the river in Manhattan.


Edit: The building itself is almost under the Manhattan Bride on the Brooklyn side of the structure (In Brooklyn Heights) if I remember correctly.

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At the time I was 5 years old. I woke up at around half-after 6:00, and I turned on the TV and the event was playing on the news. If I recall by the time it was 7:00am over here, two hours or so had progressed from the incident in real time. I then proceded to call my cousins which at the time resided in Brooklyn. Apparently nothing affected them much. Prior to the start of school, my house recieved a call that school was canceled. On that day, I went with my mother to the mall, where there increased security patrol around the perimeter and at the bus stop. As I recall, my area (and much of town) was policed every night for the week proceeding the incident.

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I was in my sixth grade classroom. Teacher got a call on her phone then relayed the message to us.


At first, unbelievable. Then after a few minutes another call saying the second tower had been hit. Went to the library and saw it unfold on the news.


It was one weird day for me.



That's exactly how it happened to me. I was in 8th grade, only 12 years old and I was in my English class and my douchebag teacher relayed the news.

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 at that time, my mom and I were living in American Roommate name Ralph`s apartment on 1771 1st Av.

It was my usual school day, but I had doctor`s appointment at Mt. Sinai Hospital, so my mom and I were not morning news people, so not knowing we walk to hospital. I wrote note to Hoyt Transportation Inc. which was base from Queens day before.


After Doctor`s appointment, my mom went home and I went to 5th Av/102nd St bus stop, where (M106) West Side came perfect timing.

When I paid my fare on (M106) with Student MetroCard.

I overheard conversation between B/O and one passenger, that says, PLANE HIT TOWER.

I was not paying attention and I was eager to go to school, no matter what.

I got off at Central Park West/97th St and entered IND Central Park West 96th St Station to take either downtown (B)(C). Free transfer.

After I paid my fare, there are no sign of downtrain train until I overheard 2 men said, NO SUBWAY, PLANE HIT TOWER.


After man who said that replied yes, and I ran to 94th St entrance or IRT 7th Av-Broadway Line 96th St to take either downtown (1) to 59th St or downtown (2)(3) to 72nd St.

Along with other straphangers, we waited for trains.

We only saw uptown (2)(3)(1) rushing by, well as Redbird (5) train.

After redbird (5) train passed, there was PA Announcement:


I rush to Riverside Drive/97th St SB Bus Stop to wait for (M5) Greenwich Village, which came few minutes later and that (M5) came, which was crowded, but I didn`t want to late for school, I was able to squeeze into crowded bus. I was squeezed as sardine as (M5) crawl downtown.

During (M5) ride, B/O and passengers were talking about it.

At 72nd St Subway Station, I change to (M57). Free transfers. Wasted on other subway.

I boarded (M57) East Side and took to 57th St/10th Av.

When I enter 56th St from 10th Av to HSES, female HSES Security Guard thought I was cutting, even I was not in school yet, because I just got off the bus.

After paraprofessional Yuka Bell came and told her I was in Doctor`s appointment, so school security said OK.

It was 4th period at that time, which was my favorite Computer Class.

Everyone was watching the news.

Even all English, History, ESL, MATH teachers were, too.

It was very sad day.

After school, Hoyt Transportation Inc contact HSES that they were stuck because of all bridge and tunnels were shutdown.

When that happened, Yuka call my mom and my mom pick me up.

We walk to 57th St/9th Av bus stop and got on (M31) Yorkvlle perfect timing, but when I try to paid my fare with Student MetroCard, it was finish as it said, TOO MANY TRIPS. because I wasted on subway that never comes and I told the B/O, I wasted on subway, and he didn`t say anything.

As (M31) cross over 8th Av, I saw smoke coming out from Twin Towers as it crawl along 57th St.

Every passenger were looking at tragic scene.

Ater we got off at front of our house, my mom gave me money for flower and I went to my best firehouse, Yorkville Fire Department to give flowers enroute to MET Museum.

When I went there, everyone was sad just like Dogpatch Engine 55 in movie called FIREHOUSE DOG sad moment.

All firefighters in that house including Ronnie Daly, Douglass Machel, Thomas Gutzler told me that Firefighter Vincent Kane was die in line of duty.







After that, I went to MET Museum and went home.

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I was at 16 Harrison Ave in Yonkers when the planes hit


I was in Room 101 in the first grade at St Theresa Of Avila School 109-55 128th street, South Ozone Park when Jfk was killed.


i was at my aunt`s house at 108 copaigue street in Valley Stream when Martin Luther king was murdered.


i was at home, 127-06 103rd Road in Richmond Hill when RFK was murdered


I was approaching the Valley Stream toll both on the Southern State when Neil Armstrong stepped off the lunar module


I was at the light on coney Island Ave and Ave C in Brooklyn when the news that Reagan was shot.


I was at the mcdonalds at sutphin and linden blvds when the challenger blew up.


I was at my house in north bellmore when the columbia disintegrated


those are some of the important dates i lived through



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