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Congrats to Knight Rider for becoming a Dad for 3rd time.

Shortline Bus

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Congrates ma MCI dude B)

LoL Thanks ,I'll start him on quick hmmm Training bus Right lol

DBC9543A-A223-478B-ABD1-82F4FBE398D6.jpg, knight_rider.jpg!!

Yuki thanks FLR

Congratulations, man! I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks man

Looks like this board's Micheal Knight need some more "Kidds" cars in near future lol.

You started this (S)(L)(B) so A big thanks again ...Wow:tup: :tup:;):P

IMO this is still among the top 20 TV theme/intros of all time.






Thanks Mess

Congrats Man!

Thanks (B)(L) hey man feel better :)

Congrats (K)(R)(3)(0)(9)(9)

on the 3rd childbirth

is it a (B)oy or a (G)irl?

Thanks to that great Train type I like :tup::P

Glad you have another child (K)<R>. I hope they grow up to be another awesome ass B/O that you are. =)


(T)raining bus is in order right :P Thank you Everybody :tup:

I have another <7>yr old son and I promised him first to drive.

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