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    Riders on the © train, who endure the oldest and most battered subway cars in the entire system, will have to continue to do so for longer than planned. The manufacturer of a new model of subway car that was picked to replace those on the © line has encountered problems with its prototypes. Bombardier discovered cracks in the prototype’s steel undercarriage and walls, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said Monday. The MTA had expected all 300 of the new R179 cars to be delivered by January 2017. That date could now be pushed back between six months and 11 months, officials said. The © train’s current R32 cars, built in 1964 and 1965, break down more often than younger cars.

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    Subway crime down as NYPD steps up efforts against litterbugs

    Posted by Harry - Jul 29 2014 08:58 AM

    The NYPD is squashing litterbugs. Police this year have ticketed 268 subway riders for littering — and arrested another 94 litterers for more serious offenses, such as skipping court dates, police said Monday. The enforcement stemmed from a suggestion MTA board member Charles Moerdler made to the police Transit Bureau last month to crack down on litterers because trash is fodder for track fires that delay trains. “It's something we are taking an enhanced look at," Transit Bureau Chief Joseph Fox told the MTA board at its monthly meeting Monday in Manhattan. Board member Andrew Albert, head of the NYC Transit Riders Council, applauded the litterbug sweep.

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    MTA goes forward with 4% fare and toll hikes for 2015

    Posted by Harry - Jul 29 2014 07:31 AM

    Updated budget plans unveiled by the MTA on Monday show that a previously planned 2015 fare and toll hike of 4% will not be increased, despite rising labor costs. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s labor expenses will grow by roughly $260 million a year, on average, through 2018, as a result of recent contract settlements, including a pact for subway and bus workers and the tentative deal that averted a Long Island Rail Road strike earlier this month, officials said. MTA officials will cover the added costs through several moves, including dipping into reserves established to pay for future retirees’ health care and to fund future capital construction projects, Chief Financial Officer Robert Foran said.

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    The disruption of service on multiple subway lines is inherently hard for riders to navigate, but a transit group yesterday said the MTA can do more to ease rider aggravation during those outages. The New York City Transit Riders Council is proposing a makeover of subway service disruption signs at a time when weekend ridership is booming and there’s more work being done on tracks and train signals. While the current signs that were redesigned in 2010 are an improvement over the old black text against pale yellow versions, the riders council said there are crucial details missing and ways to make the most pertinent information pop off the paper.
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    New York City is America's unhappiest town: study

    Posted by Harry - Jul 23 2014 01:53 PM

    New York, New York’s little town blues aren’t melting away. It’s just the opposite, according to a study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research that says New York is the unhappiest city in the U.S. New York, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Milwaukee and Detroit are, in that order, America’s least happy cities. Survey data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked respondents: “In general, how satisfied are you with your life?” Researchers then tweaked that data for factors like race, education, marital status and family size.

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    The MTA’s next set of service enhancements will address frustrating subway delays caused by faulty equipment, and extend at least two bus routes into new areas, the Daily News has learned. A package of service enhancements, which transit officials plan to unveil next week, will increase the number of subway workers available to respond to equipment malfunctions in the system’s busiest zone: Manhattan’s central business district, sources said. The new manpower will be stationed at various points along lines, which will allow them, if they need to drive to a location, to travel north or south and avoid the generally worse cross-town traffic.

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    19 Dead, Scores Injured Following Moscow Metro Derailment

    Posted by Lance - Jul 15 2014 08:53 AM

    download (2)640.jpg
    At least 19 people were killed Tuesday when a Moscow subway train derailed during the morning rush hour, sending at least 150 others to the hospital. Emergency officials told The Associated Press that at least 50 of those injured were in grave condition. Alexander Gavrilov, deputy chief of the Moscow emergency services, said rescuers have recovered 7 bodies and are working to extract 12 more bodies from two wrecked train cars. Several cars left the track after a power surge triggered an emergency alarm, which caused the train to come to an abrupt stop in a tunnel between two stations in the western part of the Russian capital.
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    The MTA is busy trying to stave off a strike by Long Island Rail Road workers, but a new analysis by the city Independent Budget Office suggests it might want to look at its spending on buses too. To save money, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed the MTA to take over 82 bus lines, mainly running in Queens, run by seven private franchisees. Having the agency control the routes, he suggested in 2002, would save the city as much as $175 million a year in subsidies to the private companies. The MTA took over the last of those lines in 2006 -- but the city isn't reaping the savings, the IBO found.

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