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    Van Alen Institute starts $1,000 prize comp for best commute alternative during L train shutdown

    Posted by Harry - Jun 10 2016 04:40 AM

    The $1,000 question is this: How do you pull off moving throngs of (L) train riders around the city during the 2019 tunnel shutdown. To answer it, the Van Alen Institute, a 120-year-old design nonprofit, is holding a competition Sunday for the best travel alternative for (L) train commuters, come the Canarsie tunnel closure, damaged during Hurricane Sandy. The premium is on inventiveness. “We all know what a shuttle bus service looks like,” said Steven Thomson, Van Alen’s program and communication manager. “We're also excited to see what's completely different and what's not been put on the table yet.”


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    New York Transit Museum celebrates 40 years with vintage subway car rides, family summer events

    Posted by Harry - Jun 09 2016 12:31 PM

    To really learn about transit history, you have to go underground. That's why the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn is sited in about the best place for a museum about urban public transportation — an old subway station. The museum, which turns 40 this year, is in the historic decommissioned 1936 Court Street station. Once you enter, the journey starts with a winding display about the construction of the subway. There are old-time hardhats and impressive 2-foot wrenches. Moving on, there's a large display about the city's response to disasters like 9/11 and Sandy.


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    MTA to Name Contractors for Post-Sandy Clark, Rutgers Tubes Repairs

    Posted by Lance - Jun 06 2016 11:06 AM

    The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is quietly planning repairs to the Hurricane Sandy-ravaged 2 and 3 and F train tunnels between Brooklyn and Manhattan, in a similar vein to the much-fretted-about fix ups that will likely see the L tube close for more than a year.

    The 2012 super-storm sent saltwater gushing into the 2 and 3 trains’ Clark Street tunnel and the F train’s Rutgers Street tunnel, damaging tracks, signals, ducts, power, and communication cables, and now workers need extended access to fix them, according to the agency’s press guru Kevin Ortiz.

    The agency will name a contractor for the [Rutgers] job in 2018, Ortiz said, but claimed it is too soon to know when the work will start or end, and if it will need to close tunnel on weekdays. Repairs to the 2 and 3 tube — which 150,000 passengers traverse every weekday — will take place first and only happen on weekends, Ortiz said, though he wouldn’t say when or how that will impact the rest of the line. The authority will reveal more only after it names a contractor sometime this month, he said.

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    MTA Quietly Begins Testing Wi-Fi Service in Subway Cars

    Posted by pjbr40 - Jun 02 2016 03:32 PM

    In our wired world, much of the city's sprawling subway system is maddeningly offline. Riders can occasionally catch a signal as their trains rumble beneath the streets, but most of the time, the internet is out of reach.

    "I think they should improve the system so you can have the Wi-Fi inside," said one commuter.

    But now, the MTA has begun testing whether to fully enter the internet age, installing Wi-Fi on four cars along the E line. The test, though, is being done on the sly. There are no signs announcing the service. It came as a surprise when NY1 told straphangers in the test cars.


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    Extended Rockaway Park Shuttle for Summer Season

    Posted by Union Tpke - May 26 2016 03:29 PM

    Summer weekend ridership on the (S) Rockaway Park shuttle, which normally operates between Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St and Broad Channel, has grown dramatically over the last few years and is now well in excess of pre-Super Storm Sandy levels. In response to this growing ridership, and to better accommodate travelers heading to and from Rockaway Beach on weekends this summer, MTA New York City Transit will be extending the (S) from Broad Channel to the Rockaway Blvd station on the (A) line from approximately 9am to 9pm.

    The extension of the (S) to Rockaway Blvd will allow southbound (beach-bound) customers to transfer to the (S) from both the Lefferts Blvd (A) train and the Far Rockaway A Subway train, effectively doubling southbound access to the S Subway. Likewise, the (S) extension will allow northbound Shuttle riders to transfer to (A) trains originating at either Lefferts Blvd or Far Rockaway.


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    75 State-of-the-Art MTA Buses To Hit the Streets in Queens

    Posted by Seven - May 17 2016 04:07 PM

    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the arrival of the first of 75 new buses that are being deployed into service this year as part of a concentrated effort to address overcrowding and modernize the MTA. In March, the Governor announced the addition of 2,042 buses, equipped with Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, to the MTA fleet over the next five years, replacing 40 percent of the current fleet. The new buses will start hitting the streets today, with seven buses going into immediate service. The remaining buses will be delivered at a rate of 4-5 per day, with all 75 arriving this summer and operating in Richmond Hill, South Jamaica, South Ozone Park, Springfield Gardens, Rosedale and Far Rockaway.


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    MTA Releases Culver Line Report, Proposes Viaduct Express Service

    Posted by RollOver - May 17 2016 10:41 AM

    The MTA will start running (F) express service in Brooklyn, officials are set to announce Tuesday. Locals have long clamored for the service, which hasn’t run since it was nixed in 1987. “This is huge. You’re talking about half a million people who use this train on a regular basis in an area that’s starved of transit,” said Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), who has pushed to make the express (F) happen. According to a letter to the Council from New York City Transit president Veronique Hakim, officials plan to start running some (F) trains express in both directions during morning and evening rush hours in the fall of 2017.

    Read more: Source &MTA Report


    $5B+ to Rebuild Penn Station to Previous Grandeur - Transit Group

    Posted by Lance - Apr 27 2016 10:11 AM

    Calling a mulligan on one of the worst architectural decisions in the history of New York would not be a cheap endeavor in the slightest. With his record breaking 36 sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, Billy Joel seems to own Eighth Avenue between West 31st and West 33rd Streets. And moving the Piano Man—even a few blocks away—wouldn’t be economically sound. A report released today by the Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management suggests relocating the arena to a nearby location would cost upwards of $5 billion, take a particularly long time and become an urban planner’s worst nightmare. The findings are part of the think tank’s study of a recently proposed overhaul of Pennsylvania Station and its extension to the James A. Farley Post Office opposite Eighth Avenue.


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    Myrlte Ave Structure Rehab to Displace Dozens of Residents

    Posted by Lance - Apr 19 2016 11:03 AM

    Dozens of people living in a row of private homes in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn face relocation for at least six months, and possibly much longer, when the MTA renovates a section of its elevated M train line next year. But residents who live in the two-family homes on Ditmars Street told Newsday last week that they had yet to hear from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority about the relocations, approved by the agency’s board last month. In addition, a coffee shop, a bicycle store and an apartment house with five units around the corner on Myrtle Avenue face the same fate, and workers in those stores said they had not heard about the relocations. Messages left for the owners of those stores were not returned.


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    MTA to Seek Proposals for MetroCard Replacement

    Posted by Lance - Apr 13 2016 11:16 AM

    The days of being asked to swipe again and again at the turnstile could soon be ancient history — as the MTA has begun seeking proposals that would move the subway system toward the post-MetroCard era. The MTA will release paperwork on Wednesday asking companies to submit proposals for ways of paying for rides with contactless media, such as smart cards or mobile devices. They are hoping that such a new system, similar to payment methods already used in taxi cabs and stores, in which customers only have to swipe their phones, will make MetroCards as obsolete at subway tokens.
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