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    Derailment Near 125 Street (8th Avenue); Minor Injuries Reported

    Posted by Future ENY OP - Jun 27 2017 09:51 AM

    A derailment and power outage at the 125th Street subway station in Manhattan has suspended service on multiple subway lines as riders describe terror and chaos, including smoke-filled cars and loud bangs.The MTA confirmed the derailment in a tweet shortly before 11 a.m. Tuesday, saying the A train had been evacuated. Transit and fire sources tell NBC 4 New York at least one car derailed at a low rate of speed. Emergency crews were dealing with reports of three or four injuries, all described as minor.


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    MTA Head Orders 'Top to Bottom' Review of Crippling Subway Delays

    Posted by Lance - Jun 21 2017 11:09 AM

    The head of the MTA has ordered a "top to bottom" review of the recent subway problems that have left commuters exhausted and frustrated. MTA Acting Executive Director Ronnie Hakim announced at a board meeting Wednesday she's ordering a review of the delays and the MTA's response to them. 
    "We understand that everybody is frustrated with this," said Hakim, adding that the MTA is working to accelerate the replacement of aging signals that keep failing on the subway.
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    Penn Station Emergency Repair Work Mitigation Plan

    Posted by Union Tpke - Jun 12 2017 03:17 PM

    In the wake of Amtrak’s forced summer service cuts at Penn Station, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the Penn Station Task Force today released a comprehensive transportation plan that restores rush-hour commuter capacity to and from Manhattan and alleviates anticipated delays and disruptions for LIRR commuters.
    The plan, developed in conjunction with the Penn Station Task Force established by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in May, addresses the near-term summer crisis at Penn Station and will minimize the long-term operating and management failures of Amtrak. It focuses on three key service objectives in the face of Amtrak service cuts: maintaining LIRR’s Penn Station passenger capacity, providing alternative transportation options and mitigating an anticipated increase in traffic. This action plan will be communicated through an aggressive public awareness campaign to ensure riders have the information they need to plan ahead.
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    NJ Transit Summer Schedule for Penn Station Repairs

    Posted by Lance - Jun 09 2017 10:23 AM

    New Jersey Transit released schedule changes Friday to accommodate this summer's extensive repair work at New York's Penn Station that is aimed at replacing aging parts and equipment that contributed to two recent derailments and numerous other failures. 
    Commuters from towns due west of Manhattan, as far as Hackettstown, will bear most of the pain. Rail lines serving those areas will be diverted to Hoboken, where commuters will transfer to New York Waterway ferries or trains operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
    There is an exception: Four trains on the Morristown Line originating in Hackettstown that arrive in New York before 7 a.m. will be spared the Hoboken diversion. Trains that normally would arrive in New York after 7 a.m. will be diverted.
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    Morris & Essex Trains to be Diverted to Hoboken During Penn Sta. Overhaul

    Posted by Lance - May 23 2017 01:07 PM

    All New Jersey Transit's Morris & Essex Midtown Direct trains to Penn Station will be canceled during the six-week overhaul at Penn Station this summer, Gov. Chris Christie announced Tuesday. The Morris & Essex Line's Midtown Direct trains will end in Hoboken, and from there, PATH trains and ferries will honor NJ Transit fares on that line. It's the only line that will be affected during the work in July and August, Christie said at a news conference Tuesday. NJ Transit riders on other lines won't be cross-honored on the PATH or ferry. Morris & Essex riders will get a discount of 56 to 63 percent during the work -- so a monthly pass from Gladstone to New York City, for example, would drop from $451 to $168, and still include the free ferry and PATH transfers.


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    Dozens Injured in LIRR Train Derailment at Atlantic Terminal

    Posted by Lance - Jan 04 2017 09:07 AM

    A LIRR train derailed in Brooklyn on Wednesday, with initial reports suggesting 20 people were being treated for injuries. All reported injuries appear to be minor and passengers are mostly being treated at the scene of the incident.

    The derailment happened at Atlantic Terminal. Pictures on social media showed the derailment took place on track 6, and that the train was tipped slightly at an angle.

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    Chairman Prendergast to Retire...

    Posted by +Young+ - Jan 01 2017 10:51 PM

    ALBANY — The long-awaited opening of the Second Ave. subway is
    expected to be the end of the line for MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast.

    Three sources say Prendergast, who has headed the MTA since 2013, is set to retire
    early this year. One source said his departure could come as soon as this month.


    A Prendergast spokeswoman had no comment. But a source with knowledge of his

    plans confirmed the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is leaving.

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    2016 Best & Worst Subway Lines...

    Posted by JubaionBx12+SBS - Dec 31 2016 05:09 PM

    forum - R32 7 Train.JPG
    Another year has come and gone, and with the end of 2016
    comes Straphangers’ State of the Subway report card. Predictably,

    there’s a fair bit of bad news in the report, but there’s also some surprisingly

    good news—namely, that there was a three-way tie for the best subway line of 2016.

    Yep, you read that right: three subways had good enough service this year to rise to

    the top of the heap.


    Those lines were the 7, the 1 and the L, though, as we all know, that's soon to change.


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    Engineer with Sleep Apnea sues for $10 million...

    Posted by 46Dover - Dec 01 2016 02:19 PM

    MNRR forum pic.JPG
    The Metro-North engineer who fell asleep at the controls of speeding train three

    years ago today is blaming the commuter railroad for a Bronx derailment that

    killed four passengers, The Journal News/Lohud has learned.

    The $10 million lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in New York revealed
    that engineer William Rockefeller says Metro-North should have equipped the
    Manhattan-bound train with a system that would have automatically applied the brakes
    when the train exceeded posted speed limits.

    The filing of the lawsuit was timed to meet the deadline for railroad employees with injury claims, lawyers said.


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    2016 Holiday Nostalgia Train...

    Posted by +Young+ - Nov 22 2016 12:24 AM

    MTA NYC Transit & The NY Transit Museum are putting extra magic on the rails

    with the MTA’s annual holiday tradition of rides to the past via its vintage fleet.

    These subway cars will help customers experience the most magical time of

    year the way that New York straphangers did long ago.

    A special 8-car subway train that is typically displayed in the Museum is put into

    service for special Sunday rides. This “Shoppers Special” takes customers
    between Lower Manhattan to Queens on four consecutive Sundays from Thanksgiving Weekend to the week before Christmas, all for $2.75.


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